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Algorithmic Perfumery is the world's first AI guided scent creation platform to explore your world of scent. From creating personalized scents, to customizing creations from our in-house Library, to diving deeper into the creative process with a workshop or scent coach session, it's all possible.

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Explore your world of scent with Algorithmic Perfumery

Feeling inspired? Mark the start of your blue period by creating your very own masterpiece. Have a favorite muse? Show your admiration by creating a scent for them. None of the above? Browse our Library of existing creations to jumpstart your creativity. And if all fails, a giftcard goes a long way.

Ingredients that trigger the senses

Discover our scent palette with 48 essential building blocks to create a myriad of sensations.

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Discover your scent preferences with our library

We’ve curated a collection of scents created by the AI and the machine to inspire you.

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