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Algorithmic Perfumery is the world’s first AI guided scent creation platform to explore your world of scent.

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Create your own scent

Start your scent creation journey by answering a few questions about what makes you (or someone else) tick.

Complete the questionnaire to create 3 x 5ml one-of-a-kind scents inspired by your preferences.


Discover your scent preferences with our Library

We’ve curated a collection of scents created by the AI and the machine to inspire you.

Gift someone the unique possibility to explore their world of scent

Nothing’s more personal than scent. Surprise someone with their own signature scent with our giftcard. It can be used at one of our locations, or online by entering the code during checkout.

Make it yours

Explore new scent creations by playing with the ingredients. Create a new variation of your existing scents or select one from our Library of in-house creations to start.

In need of guidance about your scents?

Our scent coaches are available to help you out.

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Reorder your favorite scents

Is your previous order running low? Reorder your scents at any time from 'My Creations' in your account.




Connect, share and learn from an expert

Need guidance with your ordered creations? Book a 15 minute 1-on-1 session with a Scent coach to dive deeper into your formula(e). Tweak the ingredients of your formulae, optimise your scent(s) even further and learn more about the world of scent.

Read more about Scent coaching

1-on-1 with a Scent coach

A 15 minute complimentary virtual session, where we’ll help you unfold your formulae.

48 essential building blocks


We’ve put a lot of care and love towards curating a palette of ingredients that give every human access to the most beautiful and highest quality materials available. Our collective of perfumers has lovingly combined these ingredients into accords or mini buidling blocks that contain 2 to 20 single materials so you explore a wide range of sensory worlds.