Empowering people by harnessing their senses.

Algorithmic Perfumery by EveryHuman sits at the crossroads of art, science and technology. It was born out of the encounter between artist-technologist Frederik Duerinck and scent designer Anahita Mekanik. Together, they aim to offer a new way to interact with scent by placing users at the heart of the creation process. This shift in perspective radically challenges the current model offered to consumers and questions why 700 people decide how the world smells for 7 billion humans.

We believe every human is a creator with the birthright to make choices freely

The joy of creation connects us to ourselves, to others and the world around us. This connection unleashes our imagination to dream, to play, to create. We believe imagination is the everlasting magic behind progress and happiness.

The Artwork

Algorithmic Perfumery was conceived as a participatory installation that addresses the relationship between man and machine and thus confronts us with ourselves. Triggered by the question 'what if every human could create their own scent', it has traveled to art and design festivals across the globe to engage and learn from a wide range of audiences.

The Science

We use Artificial Intelligence as a tool to help us solve the bigger puzzle of why we love what we love when it comes to scent. The process is led by you and the AI supplements your data with existing learning to create scents that are hyper-personal. Imagine it as a perfume education in a machine, or like a pogo stick: it learns, so you don’t have to go to perfume school; you jump, it sends you further. Or, in this case, it creates a scent that maybe, just maybe, you might like.

The Technology

For the last 4 years Duerinck & Mekanik together with a team of 15 have been on a quest to develop and build Algorithmic Perfumery. ScenTronix is our tech start-up based in Breda, the Netherlands where the custom hardware-software system used for Algorithmic Perfumery is developed inhouse. The patent-pending technology comprises of multiple size sensory machines including a large-size model with over 500 ingredients intended for fast prototyping and deep dive into uncharted olfactory territories. The company was founded in June 2018 by Frederik Duerinck. We are grateful to count Cherubic Ventures as our lead investor and believer in our vision from day one.